The Eagle Totem Pole was commissioned for Michipicoten First Nation in 2006. Artist Shane (Spike) Mills of Wawa Ontario, in his unique style of Gitchee Goomee faces, carved this symbolic beautiful piece of art celebrating our Ojibwe culture with the Eagle in honor of the Red Race and our connection to Great Spirit. The Eagle Totem Pole was raised in August 2007.

The Eagle is a powerful symbol of most Native cultures. It represents Spirit and flies closest to Grandfather Sun and beyond to Great Mystery. Eagle medicine teaches us the Freedom of Spirit through prayers to the Creator and brings messages of healing to our communities. The Eagle was painted Red to remind us of our connection to Mother Earth and our walk on the Good Red Road, our physical and emotional path in this life.

The Ojibwe Creation story tells how “the Ojibwe are related to Original Man or Anishinabe, also known as Way-na-boo’zhoo or Naniboujou, hence the word Boo-Zhoo meaning hello. According to Ojibwe Spirituality, the pole represents the Four Colours of Man; red, yellow, white, black; the Four Directions; north, east, south, west; the Four Seasons; winter, spring, summer, fall; the Four Sacred Medicines; tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass.

The spiritual duality (as above; so below) is represented in the four directions. It is told that medicinal plants when physically picked will not work unless there has been the proper spiritual behaviour (such as offering tobacco). Gitchie Manitoo took four parts of Mother Earth (earth, wind, fire and water) and blew into them using a Sacred Shell (the Megis or Cowrie Shell). From the union of the Four Elements and his breath, man was created.

Ojibwe are the Faith Keepers; keepers of the sacred scrolls and the Water Drum of the Midewinwin (shamanic society for healers)”.

(Ojibwe Creation Story referenced from the writings of Edward Benton Banai)