Economic Development

Michipicoten First Nation’s Vision Statement


An economically independent, self supporting, self governing First Nation where all members share strong cultural identity based on a profound understanding of who we are and on a clear sense of connecting with our cultural origins.

A community that lives in peace with all creation, maintains a healthy balance between individuals and community needs, and works productively with both Aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities, based on a sense of mutual respect and equality.

Where community members rightfully come together and virtuously establish a strong sense of self esteem, respect for each other and work together for the well being of all.

A community in which the youth have a positive future and elders hand over a strong community to the next generation.

Key Economic Statements

  • Education and Training
  • Sustainable Job development
  • Economic Growth
  • Development of Land Base (Infrastructure and Community)
  • Work Together to Build a Healthy Community
  • Promote Development while Respecting the Environment
  • Revitalize Native Culture
  • Work in equal relationship with governments, organization and people