Member Services

We are here to assist the Membership and you may want to know who to contact. Below are listed some of the services you may wish to access. If you are unsure, please contact the Band Office at 1-888-303-7723 toll-free or 1-705-856-1993 collect and you will be directed to the department or individual who can provide assistance.


Family Support Worker – Joanne Wilson

  • Provides supervision and  direction to the Health, Wellness and Education Departments
  • Provides community and family needs assessments and service planning
  • Handles referrals to outside agencies
  • Provides parental and family support
  • Works with Dilico Child and Family Services to coordinate events, services and case review

Family Well-Being Worker – Helga Moore

  • Programs for children and youth who have been exposed to or witness violence
  • Programs for families to promote their health and wellbeing
  • Land-based youth and family programming
  • Individual and family sessions on family violence and wellbeing
  • Family group culture-based workshops and life skill supports
  • Connecting clients to existing services and programs in their communities
  • Designing culturally-based, preventative and holistic supports necessary to support family well-being
  • Providing cultural teaching

Education/Training/MembershipWendy Peterson

  • Coordinates Health & Wellness programs and training
  • Provides educational counselling to elementary, secondary and post-secondary students
  • Administers the Post Secondary Student Support Program and Adult Education programs
  • Maintains Membership mailing database and provides referrals regarding Registrations, Status and Gas Cards

Community Health Promotion Worker & Aboriginal Support Worker – Nancy Andre

  • Coordinates and implements the delivery of health promotion programs
  • Coordinates and provides support through the Cultural Lodge and Special Education Programming
  • Coordinates  programs and events for Youth through the Education system and Cultural Room
  • Provides support through community awareness programs

Community Health RepresentativeLena Andre

  • Provides information and assistance on health programs
  • Coordinates documentation and transportation assistance for medical trips
  • Assists members with accommodation and travel assistance for medical trips
  • Provides information concerning Non-Insured Health Benefits offered by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Community and Student Transportation Vans – Laverne Lewis

  • Provides regularly scheduled van services between MFN and Wawa.