As summer approaches, many are enjoying the sun, spending time with family and friends, anxiously awaiting the summer vacation, enjoying the beach on those nice hot summer day or just sleeping in cause there is no school !!! But, for some of our youth they decided to step up and begin the life of young adults and are working during their summer break. For a few it’s their first job and for others they are returning. MFN was able to secure funding for 6 summer students and gained 1 placement student. Please help us welcome these youth who will be working in our community this summer. Hailey Tangie-Adams is a placement student from the MNR who is on her 2nd year placement with 1 more to next year and is working alongside our Maintenance crew. Shamira Stone is also a returning student who has worked on the first nation for the past 3 years; this is her first year working alongside the Maintenance crew. Cassuis Stone, Amadeus Stone and Noodin Stone are all returning this year working alongside Maintenance Crew. New to the job force is Donovan Reil and Sierra Simon; Donovan started his first ever job with the Maintenance crew and Sierra is placed at the Superior Children’s Centre doing what she loves to do which is; be with children!!!

Nancy Andre

Community Health Promotional Worker/Aboriginal Support Worker