Michipicoten First Nation


We are Anishinaabeg who understand our responsibility to care for our Nation. Under the guidance of Creator, our ancestors, and our history, we walk with our people to mino-biimaadiziwin (the good life, the life of wholistic well-being).


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Michipicoten is a strong, proud, independent, interdependent and sustainable Anishinaabe community that respects our culture, lands, waters and all our relations.

  • Strong because we are healthy, well-educated in our traditional ways, well-educated in western ways and supportive of one another.
  • Proud because of who we are as Anishinaabe people, upholding our responsibilities to respect, protect and share our culture with all our relations.
  • Independent because we have a diversified economy and control over our land and resources, founded on our First Nations title and rights;
  • Interdependent because we acknowledge that we are part of a reciprocal relationship with all of Creation, and as such, are interconnected to all our relations for our survival.
  • Sustainable because we are stewards of the land and its people, providing a good life today and for future generations.

Gimaa Kwe Patricia Tangie


Evelyn Stone


Chad Edgar


Sandra Donney-Fraser


Christine Lewis


Irene Armstrong


Linda G. Peterson


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