Chad Edgar

Aanii to our members of Michipicoten First Nations, I want to start off with thanking everyone who came out and supported everyone that ran in the 2023 elections. We had a very awesome turnout and a lot of new faces including mine. Miigwetch for the support. I want to thank everybody personally and at any time anyone needs to reach out and have a conversation, I am willing and able at any time to speak to our members about any issues.

Being a Councillor is a very honored position, which I am up for the challenge, and thankful that I was elected to represent our members. As Councillor, my wishes in the next few years, is to make the changes for the members and to improve our community and to be United as Michipicoten First Nation Members.

Sitting on Council will allow me to learn important information that can be beneficial for change in the future for our First Nation. I can take everything that I learn and use it as knowledge to become a great leader in our community and for the future generations of our members. I have a lot to learn, and I am grateful for sitting with experience counselors to provide me the direction and wisdom that I will need to make positive changes for our community.

I look forward on sitting on different committee’s as well as educating myself with any decision that will affect our members. I believe in knowledge and educating myself before making any informal decisions. I believe that our members have a voice and will use that voice through Chief and Council to make our community and members happy with our decisions and move forward into the future as a United Michipicoten Band Member.

Being a council member, I plan on sitting on as many committees as possible. I started with sitting on the OPP committee for the eastern region and as well as the Economic Development committee which will inform me and give me the knowledge that are members can ask questions at any time and I will have the answers to the best of my knowledge. I plan on sitting on many more committees to be informed for our members.

I want to thank everybody that came out to support all the nominees and the elected Chief and Council and I hoped to meet everybody soon, and I appreciate being elected as your Councillor to make positive changes for our future. Miigwetch