Linda G Peterson

It is with honor that I am here again to introduce myself to the whole membership as Councillor of Michipicoten First Nation. My spirit name is Kewedinong Nungos Kwe. (North Star Woman.) My clan is bear.

In English it’s Linda Peterson. I am retired from employed by Michipicoten First Nation as Education Counsellor/Membership Clerk for 18 yrs. I have met a lot of Citizens throughout my years at MFN and also learned way more than I should have. But learning is knowledge. I now help with our family business which has recently changed management. I enjoy crafting with beadwork, I make birch bark baskets, sweetgrass baskets. I mainly do custom orders. My crafts will soon be available at the store.

I am also a Chi Nokomis, Nokomis, mother and partner.

I plant a little bit of veggies in my backyard, I also have and tend to my sage and sweetgrass garden.  We have a teepee in our backyard for scared fires, sharing circles, drumming, and confidential one on one sessions with Counsellor.  Everyone is Welcomed. I am not sure as to what else I can write,  other than I am brutally honest as I have been told, I tell it like it is, no sugar coating. I believe there is no point in doing that. Honesty is foremost, I believe in helping others who want to help themselves move forward. I strongly believe in our sacred medicines. I am also very careful in who I accept anything from. I have to feel it in my heart. My language is also very important and am proud of the young people that are foraging ahead in trying new ways of learning our language.  I wish to also try different ways of teaching. It gets very lonely when speakers are limited. But I hear words here and there and that is great to hear. Any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I don’t know it all but I can find someone who does more than me. With that I look forward to serving our Citizenship, I rambled here and there.  Miigwetch