To All MFN Citizens,


A number of you have brought to our attention the fact that you are receiving unsolicited election marketing by mail, and phone calls, from a candidate.  It would not be considered an issue with contact information that is readily available, like in the phone book, but we are getting complaints from people who do not have published numbers, and have not given permission for their contact information to be released. Our current Administration would like to apologize and assure you that we have not released your private information to any candidate. We have made attempts to create a fair, equitable and transparent election process for all citizens and candidates alike.


The Electoral Officer has provided the following information. “As outlined in the Electoral Officer’s Handbook provided by INAC under Section 6.1 it states to put together a Candidate’s Package and included in the package is a voter’s list minus personal information. All candidates had this included in their package.

Candidates did not receive any confidential voter addresses from the Electoral Officer. Any candidate may gather information such as addresses, telephone numbers from social media, other band members, etc; however, they may not use any personal information they have not received permission to use.

If any Michipicoten voter believes that they did not share their personal information with a candidate or that the candidate could not have obtained this information via social media or from others then an appeal can be filed by Affidavit outlining the election violation and proof within 45 days via registered mail from the date of Election Day.


All appeals are to be addressed to the below address:

The Senior Assistant Deputy Minister                                                                        

Treaties and Aboriginal Government


10 Wellington Street, 16th Floor

Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H4

Vaughn Johnston, EO”


Candidates were invited to submit their campaign information in the latest version of our newsletter and they have been invited to attend the Candidates Forum at the Michipicoten Administrative Office on February 23, 2019 beginning at 1:00 pm.


This can be a good time to raise your questions and concerns. Please send your inquires to with “Election 2019” in the subject line. If you would like to address a specific candidate please also include their name in the subject line, otherwise, your question will be considered general and will be assigned.