Donald “Donnie” Humphries

Councillor Donald (Donnie) Humphries

Donnie was born and raised in Hawk Junction And is the grandson of Kate Souliere. He has been retired now for almost five years and presently lives in Wawa with his wife Barb.

As an experienced Councillor of six years, Donnie brings the following strengths to the position:

  • He is well educated. He attended university for six years obtaining a Master of Social Work degree.
  • He worked over 30 years for a child welfare agency helping at-risk children.  He was a supervising manager for 25 years of his professional career, overseeing a rural office of six staff and a yearly operating budget of two million dollars.
  • Donnie values commitment, passion and vision and believes in teamwork, hard work and excellence.
  • But most of all, Donnie believes that the wishes and needs of the Band and all those within its walls (Chief, Councillors, Executive Officer and Staff) should never supersede the needs and aspirations of the citizens we serve.


If you have any questions, you can contact Donnie by phone 705-852-2255 or email