My Spirit Name is Wahkaybinesiik-dego (Female Thunder Bird) and I am from the Otter Clan.  I am the Great-Granddaughter of a former Chief of MFN, Jacob Candassie. I am very proud that my ancestral roots are grounded with
Michipicoten First Nations. My mother and Grandmother are from MFN as well.  I am a mother and Grandmother and know the importance of making right decisions for all future generations both on and off reserve.

Over the years I have been able to gain extensive work and volunteer experiences that I know will be an asset to your Michipicoten First Nation Council.  I am committed to seeing Michipicoten First Nation accomplish its’ vision of being “an economic, independent, self-sustaining, self-governing First Nation” for the benefit of all members.  We need to bridge the gaps and bring our community closer together, on and off reserve.

As your Councillor, I will (to name just a few):

  • commit to working together with our Chief and Councillors making good governance and financial decisions that keeps our membership’s best interests in mind when making those decisions, always.
  • continue to be a strong advocate for protection of the environment and natural resources for our future
  • remain committed to being approachable, honest, transparent, respectful and responsible. My guiding      principles are the 7 Grandfather Teachings: Humility, Truth, Bravery, Respect, Honesty, Love and Wisdom.
  • remain committed to making sure that no one feels left out in knowing what is going on with governance at our First Nations. We need to make sure the website and Facebook page is up to date and actively providing the most recent information. The minutes from the Chief and Council meetings need to be uploaded to the website on a regular basis (after they are passed at a Council meeting). We are accountable to you, the    members, so you have to be kept informed on an on-going basis.

The ballots have been mailed out and if you have not received them yet, you will be receiving them shortly. I am
asking when you are choosing your best team of leaders for MFN, please put a check mark beside my name as part of the 6 Councillors that you would like to represent you.

There is so much more I could write to you so I felt it was best to create a Facebook page for engagement. I invite you to follow me on Facebook at  You may also email me at or call/text 1-807-228-1819.

Together we can make change and it all starts with you casting your vote. Thank you for supporting me.

Miigwetch, Sandra Donney-Fraser